Siege Of Charles Town

By Colonial South Events (other events)

2 Dates Through Feb 18, 2018

The Siege of Charles Town

The Siege of Charles Town is a Revolutionary War reenactment on President's Day weekend. The Siege is set in 1780, and portrays one of the most important battles in the American War for Independence. On Feb. 17-18, over 100 reenactors and hundreds of spectators gather to honor the struggle for our nation's independence and see colonial life firsthand. The Siege of Charles Town features two battle reenactments, a colonial encampment, guest speakers, kids' activities, colonial artisans and local vendors, and more!

Located at beautiful John's Island amid stunning live oaks and Spanish moss, experience a unique historical event designed to reflect both the striking beauty and harsh conditions of the men who fought there. Set only a few miles from the actual site of the battle, the Siege of Charles Town shows a side of the American Revolution rarely seen. British and American troops will engage in combat scenarios and military drills, while women carry out the rustic duties of the camp that made 18th century life possible. Come see what 18th century life was like, and experience the struggles of the men and women who called Charles Town home over 200 years ago.

The Siege of Charles Town is hosted by Colonial South Events. For more information about Colonial South Events, visit our website at: Tickets can be purchased for each day of the event, or as a weekend combo. Tickets are also available at gate of the event.

The History Behind the Siege

In 1780, British General Henry Clinton led a force of 12,000 men against the jewel of the South and the capital of America's wealthiest colony--Charles Town. Leading the defense, Benjamin Lincoln steeled his 5,400 men against the 42 day onslaught. They fought bitterly around the city in a series of skirmishes for control of vital strategic points and resources. Though outnumbered, Benjamin Lincoln defiantly refused to surrender the city until Clinton ordered his artillery to fire red shot at the city--a barrage designed to set Charles Town ablaze. Lincoln surrendered the city on May 12th, 1780.

The defeat of Charles Town would be a crippling blow in the South. Along with the city, much of the regular army was captured and sent to prison ships. However, to the surprise of the British, the Siege of Charles Town was only the beginning of a new campaign in the American Revolution--the Southern Campaign. Though a defeat for the Continental Army, the Siege of Charles Town would mark the beginning of a new kind of warfare, and gave rise to legendary leaders like Francis Marion and Thomas Sumter. The Siege reshaped the war and moved it's focus from the stalemate in New England to the forests and swamps of the South, and represents a powerful cultural and historic legacy today.

Your Admission Fee and Support

Ticket sales for the Siege of Charles Town go to fund our efforts, including but not limited to: land rental fees, educational programs, firewood, hay, powder, and other necessities. Your ticket will go to support educational programming in the future. If you are interested in further supporting the Siege of Charles Town, please consider donating at our gofundme page. You can also share our event on social media.